I am bad at names

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When did we become indifferent to the idea of good and evil.

The black and white, unblinking certainty of our actions.

And the clear division, between what is wrong and right.

Is it growing up, that causes our world to transition into shades of grey.

From good and evil, to morally justifiable, as the world gets darker around us.

Are we so jaded, that life’s great actions become merely a facade.

Actions of kindness, always self serving.

The greatest [self] applause, for what was once merely courtesy.

Have we moved on, from a need for such definition,

From the depth of our emotion, and the power of our actions.

Hidden ourselves in mediocracy.

Or, is it just me.

Is it my world that seems so muddled, or my mind that battles with swarthes of grey.

I miss when I knew what was right.